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Message from the founder and CEO

To Creation of the Global Value,
Sincerity as our primary corporate policy has been bringing steady expansion of our business since establishment of Nippon Cemicals Sales. Our sales activity providing with additional values resulted in satisfaction of our customers.
I believe it is time that to social responsibility and ability to accomplish are demanded for Japanese enterprises and individuals.
To share business ethics with all co-workers and to operate under compliance with the laws should be established in each cooporation.
In addition, to contribute various social issues such as environmental protection, acceptance of disable people is today important for expansion of business and prosperity of corporation. We strengthen corporate activity of NCS and do our best to thrive, and simultaneously carry out efficient utilization of natural resouces and observe global environmental protection.

I hope to be growing together with our customers as a valuable partner.

Kaname Matuzawa

About Nippon Chemicals Sales Co. 

Nippon Chemicals Sales is an independent chemical distributor, and has supplied additives used for petroleum products and specialty chemicals to mainly Japanese market for over forty years.
We represent global leading chemical producers, and we are the valuable bridge between foreign products and our customers in Japanese market. Our customers are major petroleum companies, lubricants manufacturers, chemical companies in Japan.
We can provide technical support as well as product development. We serve both larger and smaller customers and we encourage customers to determine targets and expectations to the co-operations together with us.

Corporate History

1969 The Nippon Chemicals Sales was established in May 14
1971 Sole agent of Texaco for fuel/lubricant additives
1980 Sole agent of D.A.Stuart for petroleum additives and industrial lubricant
1982 Foundation of Royal of Japan (former Ken International Trader), a 100% subsidiary company for trading wines
1982 Distributor of Mobil Chemical for sythetic oils
1994 An official commendation for the best company from Shibuya taxation office
1996 Distributor of Infium (former Exxon Chemical)
1997 Cancellation of sole agent of Texaco due to withrawal of its chemical business
2000 Distributor of Texaco Global Products for fuel additives 2002 Distributor of Cargil for bio lubricant oils
2004 Master distributor of ExxonMobil Chemical's Synthetics Department for Asia
2008 Foundation of KITI, a 100% subsidiary company for Asian market
2008 Distributor of Dorf Ketal 2010 Distributor of Houghton
2010 4th official commendation for the best company from Shibuya taxation office

Contact Us

Humax Ebisu bldg.5F, 1-1-1, Ebisu-Minami
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0022, Japan
Phone: +81-3-3719-0366
Fax: +81-3-3791-1752

For further information or support please contact us at

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