Current Products for Japan ●OT-Ⅲ

Current Products for Japan

■ Fuel and lubricant additives
Automotive fuel additives, Automotive luricant additives, Industrial lubricant additives, Friction Modifier

■ Synthetic fluids
PAO(Poly-α-olefin), Grease

■ Bio-based industrial fluids
Dielectric fluid, Hydraulic fluid

■ Bio-Fuel
FAME(Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) for testing

■ Products for future
Lubricant fluid for Dual Clutch Transmission, Diamondoid, Dietary Supplement


OT-Ⅲ is a specially formulated additive provides with dual effect of polymer lubrication and surface modification.
Polymer lubrication prevents from direct contact of metal surfaces on mechanical parts.
Surface modification formed by adsorption of organic molybdenum reduces friction.
The additive is suitable for four-cycle engine lubricant oils.
Lubricant oils formulated with OT-III provides your costomers with the following benefits.

NCS can also customize your formulation in optimized combination with OT-Ⅲ and high performance additives such as API SM and SN by using your designated base oils.

Mechanism of Polymer Lubrication
pp. 2
Mechanism of Surface Modification
Dual Effect of OT-Ⅲ


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